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Cork 2000
The Symbol of Never-ending Happiness

Cork 2000 was built and launched by Cape Space Centre (CSC) in response to a celebration of the year 2000. President of CSC, B. Kearney said in her interview ‘Popping the cork is associated with the celebration and happiness in our society. Its fall however can remind us of failure. Therefore, to preserve positive associations with ‘popping the cork’ we have built it into a spaceship. Thus when this cork shoots it will never fall… it will become a symbol of Never-ending Happiness.’ Cork 2000 lifted off on the 9th of December 2001 at 4.45pm. It left the earth orbit at 5.32pm and must be now floating in the space assuring our Never-ending Happiness.

However, on the 11th of December CSC administration received a postcard with words ‘Happy End’ on it signed by ‘Cock 2000’. In suspicion is not only the text but also the postcard itself. It is made out of fireproof and waterproof paper of unknown origin. CSC laboratory in Vlampijp is currently investigating its substance. But apart from that we can say that project Spaceship Cork 2000 has been successful and it propels us into a brighter future.


(extract from 'Article Never-ending Happiness', 2000, xerox print, A4)

This work was shown as part of New Contemporaries 2001 at Camden Art Centre, London and Sunderland Museum in 2001; and at Shine, The Lowry, Manchester in 2002. It was acquired by HKU Collection, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

watch video Cork 2000 here  >  

contemporary art, installation, painting

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