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Malic Moulds, 2017, ink and acrylic on rice paper, 140x80cm each, installation view at Seoul Museum of Art Nanji, South Korea


The nine paintings titled Malic Moulds - a clear nod to Duchamp, both in title and the number nine - sets a particular scene, with the collected fragments of masculine moulds met by the artist in Seoul. For instance, the waste incineration facility in Nanji with vertical wafts of warm gas is a quintessential masculine “mould”. However “mould” as the word suggests, is nothing more than an empty chimney/container that spews glowing gas made up of the breath and desires of the city. Therefore the malic mould, as it were, the seemingly steadfast monument is soon to vaporize and disintegrate. The gigantean and solid machine infrastructures that are (or appear to be) the backbone of the world we live in, are in fact the shells of uncertainty and loss.

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