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Glorious Journey

2011, Art Brescia, Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea

2010, Atlantica Gallery, Vicenza

In his most recent paintings, created for the exhibition at the Atlantica gallery, Andro Semeiko abandons himself completely to the vertiginous mark impregnated with movement, to the total disengaging of the mark arising from the thrust of the wrist and gesture of the hand. This action is facilitated by the chosen themes: fantastic sights, maritime horizons and scenes depicting mystery and ruins.

And so then, in the Glorious Journey, galleons and caravels that - like euphoric steamboats, Rimbaudian archetypes of a glorious journey to the confines of material - set off against the tide, confronting the trials of time, in endless maritime battles. In fact they are nothing but the infinite battles of the brush against the friction of the canvas, of the brush-keel that challenges the billowing canvas.

By art historian and critic Alberto Mugnaini

The whole article 'Within and Without of Itself - The Journey of Andro Semeiko’s Painting' can be found here: read  >  

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