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Andro Semeiko's 'Writing of One's Own Story' (2023) is a multi media commission for YARAT Contemporary Art Space consisting of a 5 by 10-metre black and white mural of text and diagrams, semi-translucent fabrics hanging from the ceiling, projections of three figures of the artist writing, painting, and gesturing in an emotional and expressive manner, and multitude of hanging ropes dividing the space and creating lines and shadows.

Drawing on the artist's complex Georgian-Ukrainian-Russian-British cultural identity and teenage experience of the collapse of Soviet Georgia, this work strives to create a new painting language that visualises memory and creates a psychological space for contemplating and healing. Paint and textile are used as conceptual devices for reconciling the trauma of living through the wartime Georgia, reflecting a diasporic experience in Britain, and re-negotiating the artist's cultural heritage.

The title of the work is derived from cultural theorist Stuart Hall's essay about cultural identities, marginalisation, and the need to renegotiate one's own history. – "Whose Heritage? Un-settling 'The Heritage', Re-imagining the Post-nation", published in journal 'Third Text 49', Winter 1999-2000

The work is commissioned for the exhibition 'Equinox' curated by Tamuna Arshba and Tata Ksovreli.

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